At 13:33 on the 1st of February 2013 our little team of two became three with the birth of our incredible daughter Mila. Because she made a very early surprise arrival, both Christina and Mila are being kept in hospital for now but are doing well and look forward to being home soon.

We are going to be out of the office on babymoon for a wee bit so please bear with us while we are away settling into family life and cuddling this little bundle of amazing!

Jay, Christina & Mila x



Jennifer & Andrew MacDonald

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Mila is so beautiful! 😉

EEEP! So happy for you both!

Such a beautiful name 🙂 xx

Congratulations!! She is beautiful xx

Congratulations, she is gorgeous. Enjoy your little family. lots of love John, Pammy, Lianne, Jo, Pamela & Amanda (Team Roseparks)xxxxxx

Congratulations to you all a beautiful baby girl and I love the name..Daniela was right ! she thought you were having a girl

Love to you all

Congrats Jay and Christina. She is so beautiful. Such a pretty name. Mina&Davexx

Congratulations! First of the NCT brigade!