There are two things that are guaranteed to get Jay out of bed early in the morning – snowboarding and the possibility of a beautiful sunrise.

After attending a fantastic talk on landscape photography by Martin Pettinger in St Andrews last night, I had a sneaking suspicion of what was coming. This was confirmed when I saw Jay tinkering with the alarm clock.

And so it was that we headed towards the Pentlands under cover of darkness this morning, me clutching my flask of tea for moral support. I’d like to say our car was the first in the car park but two over-eager walkers had beaten us to it.

While the stunning sunrise failed to materialise, the brooding sky was perfect for some moody black and whites. And over the course of our 10-mile hike Jay was able to get some fantastic shots.

Meanwhile, I concentrated on reducing the load of my backpack by steadily munching my way through our Kit-Kat supply.