True story (and you’ll wonder what this has to do with the wonderful-and-not-at-all-horrifying wedding that’s about to follow, but bear with me if you will) – I’ve always held an irrational fear of zombies. Years ago, when Jay decided to go on the Glasgow Zombie Walk one Halloween and appeared in our flat looking like Zombie Pat Sharp, I actually couldn’t be in the same room as him (or even look at the photos afterwards). So when it came up in our first chat with Annie and Matt that they had in fact been part of the same group on that very walk, I felt relieved that my zombie therapy over the last few years (which consisted mainly of watching endless episodes of The Walking Dead), seemed to have paid off and I was no longer quite so phobic of the immortal flesh eaters.

Which is just as well really because we were beyond excited to be part of Annie and Matt’s day. Shooting the preps in an eco cabin – yes please! Going dragon boat racing after the ceremony? Hell yeah! And when it came to the speeches and those photos of Zombie Annie and Zombie Matt appeared… I was so wrapped up in the warmth of the room that all I could do was laugh (although to be honest those pics are freaking me out a little right now!).

And the fun wasn’t over yet. There was also the vigorous ceilidh dancing in the boat shed, the marshmallows around the fire pit, the giant swing that catapulted brave folks into the night sky and the incredible starry night that we all loved gazing up into. You know it’s been a great weekend when you leave feeling slightly bereft that you can’t just wrap up all the wonderful people you have met and take them with you!

If you love the outdoors and are tempted to have a glamping wedding of your own, then Galloway Activity Centre is such an incredible place for it. It’s set on Loch Ken, right on the edge of the dark skies forest park, and the people who run it are so enthusiastic and helpful. We’d go back in a heartbeat!

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