We heart winter, sparkles and big wheels. Thanks Britney & Joris for braving the freezing cold with us! 

Charmaine and Ian Houvet

LOL I showed Temujin the pics and I asked him who is this? And he replies so happily its Papa mummy its Papa! And I say no its not Papa its Ton Ton Joris and he looks all confused and says “Oh its not Papa ?” Great pics Joris and Britney we so looking forward to the wedding and mini moon . Much love Leo and Charmaine

Sizakele and Linda Ngwenya

Beautiful pics, out of this world!!! Wow,it’s really happening and we are all so excited with the Houvets and as Sindi says, we are always talking about this wedding and wish you all the best during the preps and after the wedding. Theresa, please come back home, SA is your second home … we miss you!!!

Britney and Joris, for a moment i thought it was Ian and Charmaine, you have such a close resemblance!! Imagine a grand picture for the four of you … stunning!!!!

Siza and Linda.

Hi Joris, we are so happy for you this moment is drawing closer. Your Fiance’ will certainly make a beautiful bride seeing from the pre-wed pics. Charmaine and Ian talk about the coming wedding all the time and are soooooo excited. we also cant wait to see Theresa in January. we miss her as we have not seen her in a very long time.

All the very best…..

Sindi & Lwazi

Wow that last photo is amazing!!!!

Such a loving couple. I so love the photos especially with lights so magical and very fairy like.

Wow the ferris wheel shot is really awesome!

Hi guys the pictures are so lovely and really natural for a photo shoot.

Beautiful! Loving the festive twinkles 🙂 x

Wooow, that landscape 2nd from the end is aMAZing!! The bokeh is stunning!

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