We promised that we’d have lots of exciting news this year. Well here’s a sneak preview of our latest project.

Our new boudoir photography website – Elemental Secrets – will be launched very soon. As always the focus will be on creating stylish, striking images. Add a third ‘s’ for sexy and it’s the perfect pre-wedding surprise gift for your husband-to-be.

For more information email us at info@elementalweddings.co.uk or fill out our contact form at Elemental Weddings


Wow! Wish I was brave enough. Looks fab though – well done! :o)

He he. It’s a different type of brave entirely! Will let you know when I have built myself up (and lost those Christmas pounds!!)

Christina and Jay Golian

You trashed your dress on a Scottish beach on a freezing cold day in October – now that’s brave!

You should go for it!

C x

Hey exciting news!! Will be looking forward to the new website!
Maybe I will feel brave enough one day to try it..:)

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