Friends and clients often ask how we cope with living and working together. And we answer that while we do have our (ahem) artistic differences from time to time, we can honestly say that we love having this shared passion for photography and our business.

We were recently interviewed by a great journalist for Turning Pro – a  magazine aimed at those building a career in professional photography – on how we have established a successful husband and wife wedding photography business.

As they say in the magazine, working as a professional photographer is a tough business, with no short cuts. As our own bosses we now work more hours than we ever did as a journalist and chef (and that’s saying something!).  But the job satisfaction makes it completely worthwhile.

Whatever your dream, if you have the talent, the energy and the drive to follow it, you can make it happen. And we’re just extra lucky that we get to do that together.

Below are a few photos of the magazine, including our front cover image.


Elemental – you might have heard of them, they’re kind of a big deal.
You guy ROCK! Love that you’re living the dream, keep dreaming big dreams…

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