As most of you know, Jay spent the last two weeks of September in Canada, visiting friends and family and enjoying the 30 degree heat, while I held the fort back here (in the rain).
As usual, Jay was determined to travel with as much camera equipment as possible but it’s good to see that he managed to do some work while he was in Ontario. That is, if you can call a portrait shoot with two of our best friends work!
Joel was the best man at our wedding and he did a fantastic job. And his lovely lady Dee was responsible for making sure that he not only got to Scotland but left the pub early enough the night before (4am I think it was!) to make the 100-mile train journey to our wedding venue. So she deserves lots of praise too!
It’s always a joy to photograph two people in love and this shoot was great fun for all involved, including the lovely Lexi (Joel & Dee’s husky) who enjoyed her starring role.

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