As usual, today began with us studying the weather forecast for clues as to how the day would play out. Allegedly, the rain showers would clear up shortly after lunch. Yay! Just in time for our family portrait shoot, we thought optimistically.

We met Katrina, her mum, Frances and her gran, Theresa at Orocco Pier in South Queensferry. They had spent the morning having their hair and make-up done in Edinburgh and all looked fantastic.

We headed down to the shore for some shots with the impressive Forth Rail Bridge as a backdrop. It’s always great to photograph different generations of one family, particularly as many of us never quite get around to having these photos taken. And having supported each other through some difficult times, Katrina and her mum and gran are particularly close.

After a stroll along the beach (with us snapping away) it was time for a change of location and we headed off to our next spot. By now the wind was picking up and the clouds were growing darker so we had to shoot as quickly as possible before dashing back inside to the lovely, not to mention warm, Orocco Pier. We were joined there by Katrina’s dad, Tom, who usually hates having his photograph taken but put on his best smile for us!

After some shots on the balcony, followed by a nice hot coffee, it was time to head home, dodging the lightning as we ran to the car!

We’d like to thank Katrina and her family for being such fantastic fun to work with and for not raising their eyebrows too much when we asked them to pose by the blue door! We really enjoyed the shoot and can’t wait to show you your photographs.

We would also like to thank Lyn and the staff at Orocco Pier for their hospitality and the Willow Foundation for giving us the opportunity to do such an enjoyable photo shoot!

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