We’ve been really lucking out with the Northern Lights lately – we were treated to an amazing  show as the clock struck midnight at New Year and again on Mother’s Day (the perfect present to go with the celebratory glass of wine I was having at the time!). It’s definitely a big plus of country living – although we are missing good coffee something fierce (if only flat whites could be delivered…).

One of the most incredible moments of last year was driving up the A9 after visiting the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry (which we can highly recommend if you haven’t been before!), and having to pull over because the aurora was so distracting. A great problem to have! On the way, I had joked that it would be a brilliant way to end the night if we got to see the Northern Lights. Hearing the stags rutting in the hills at the same time was absolutely magical.

C x

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