When Real Life Weddings magazine asked us to submit our favourite wedding photograph for publication in the next issue we knew we were going to have a very difficult time choosing!

We have photographed so many beautiful brides and gorgeous grooms, at such a variety of stunning locations, that trying to pick just one image seemed impossible.

So, we sat down and looked through the last 50 weddings we have photographed, and after a week we had managed to narrow our choice down to five photos. This was put to the public vote (i.e. friends and family were called in to help us decide) and finally we managed to all agree on our favourite photo.

And here it is…

Justyna looked stunning as she arrived at St Mary’s Cathedral. Here she is being admired by one of the youngest guests who thought she looked absolutely beautiful. And so did we.

The next issue of Real Life Weddings is due out next month. Look out for a feature on another of our weddings.

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