An article in today’s Daily Record newspaper features one of our recent trash the dress shoots.
The article ‘What’s your wedding dress doing?‘ looks at the growing number of brides who want to do something with their dress after the big day other than clean it, box it up and shove it to the back of the wardrobe!
This Trash the Dress shoot took place at a farm in Angus before our gorgeous bride Kelly decided to cool down in the River North Esk.
We’d like to thank Kelly for agreeing to appear in a national newspaper to highlight the Trash the Dress trend and for being such fantastic fun to work with!
As a life coach (lustforlifecoaching.com), kelly likes to do things that are a bit different and she is always encouraging her life coaching clients to embrace something new.
“I would encourage other women to have a go at this because it just feels so amazing and different,” she said.

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