Our wedding photographs mean so much to us, and we feel so fortunate to work in a profession that allows us to share in such a happy occasion and create images that will be treasured for many years to come.

Every time we shoot a wedding it reminds of us of our own wedding day and how we felt as we exchanged our vows and celebrated with those closest to us.

It’s always fantastic to get feedback from our couples after they see their wedding photographs for the first time.

We have received a lovely email from Raffaella & Tim whose wedding we photographed this month, and thought we’d share some of it with you:

“We are not sure how to begin to write this e-mail as you have moved us in so many ways with your incredible photographs.

“We were so impressed by your general air of professionalism, but more so by your endearing calmness and sensitivity. We were amazed how you managed to set everyone at ease and then you just blended in with the occasion and for the majority of the celebrations we were barely aware of your presence…

“We now find ourselves consumed with excitement and overflowing with emotion as we frequently peruse the proofing section of your website. We gaze with such delight at the wonderfully artistic array of photographs which manage to capture the fun, ceremony and joy of the day as it unfolded.

“Thank you both so very much. I trust that the delight you engender in us and our family and friends also fills your own hearts with pride and joy. You have an onerous role to fill in a wedding as you attempt to capture the essence of the day. I have to say that, even after only seeing the “proofs”, you have fulfilled your role far beyond our expectations. You most definitely deserve your recent accolades, but you also deserve the right to stand back and appraise the stunning and artistic work you create and the unbounded happiness that it brings to us all.

“I fear that my praise may be diminished by its excess. That would be a travesty as your work is quite inspirational.

“Once again we wish to extend our thanks to you for capturing our special day.”

WOW – We are officially blushing, but it is so amazing to receive this kind of feedback from people who have been kind enough to let us share in their special day.

And that’s why we love being wedding photographers (no. 1)!

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