We love being wedding photographers - No. 2


We never ever get tired of hearing comments from our couples after they see their wedding photos for the first time. It’s this kind of feedback that makes us truly appreciate how lucky we are to work in this profession.

Today we received this lovely comment from one of our November brides who had previously written to thank us and tell us how much she loved her wedding photos:

“Every parent sees their children as the most beautiful ones in the world – however, you have managed to capture images of my children as I see them & they are the most breathtaking shots I have ever seen. You have captured the fragile innocence of my youngest and the promise of the man emerging in my eldest. Their beauty brought me to tears, and I can never have the words to thank you for this very precious gift of capturing this moment in time of my children.”

And that’s why we love being wedding photographers (no. 2)!